My Home Housing

Dryhootch has a supportive environment in the form of a coffee shop. Here, a Veteran (and members of their family) can come enjoy a cup of coffee, some music, art, and the camaraderie of others. They learn of the programs available to them – which can aid in their transition home – while enjoying the support of those who have already navigated the same path home. It eases them into the programs or services they need, without the stigma of a “disorder.“

In several of our locations, we have partnership with government agencies and other nonprofits that can get a veteran and his/her family into housing. My Home Housing Program strives to provide homelessness veterans residents in need with a safety net, decent and safe affordable housing.

Dryhootch works with properties managements and private landlords on housing our homeless veterans under the vouchers of My Home Housing Program.

Each veteran will work with a case manager on becoming self-efficient in the program.  The program includes one-on-one schedule appointment weekly and two home visit per month.