Court & Corrections Veteran Peer Mentor Program

The goal of the Veteran Court Peer Mentor Program is to provide an alternative to incarceration.  A Dryhootch peer mentor will be paired with a veteran involved in the legal system for a nonviolent misdemeanor crime.  Veterans are more likely to respond favorably to another veteran than to others who do not have similar experiences.  Through the peer mentor’s active, supportive relationship, the offender will have a low recidivism rate.  Dryhootch FOB’s work with local District Attorney and Public Defender’s and Judge to support Veterans Court.  Currently, there are 46 Veterans Courts spread throughout 20 states in the nation. After Vietnam, over a ½ million veterans ended up in our jails and prisons.
The success rate of this new approach has been dramatic in turning veterans around from a spiral into our jails and prisons. And think of the impact on families & communities.

Dryhootch will also provide veteran peer mentors to assist veterans involved in the corrections system.  The peer mentors will build a relationship with the veterans six months before they are scheduled for release from prison.  The goal is to assist with reintegration, including finding housing and employment.