Great Coffee, Greater Cause

Veterans from prior generations established Veteran Support Organizations (VSOs), which provided important places for socialization; Veterans could find others who shared their experience. Typically, these VSOs were built around posts with bars and taverns. However, today we understand the link between PTSD and alcoholism/drug addiction. Studies of Vietnam Veterans, along with the Rand study on Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans, show addiction rates of up to 80% in those suffering with PTSD.

In order to offer the social healing space that is so important to recovery, Dryhootch has a supportive environment in the form of a coffee shop. Here, a Veteran (and members of their family) can come enjoy a cup of coffee, some music, art, and the camaraderie of others. They learn of the programs available to them – which can aid in their transition home – while enjoying the support of those who have already navigated the same path home. It eases them into the programs or services they need, without the stigma of a “disorder.”

Our Flavors

We have great coffee! One for each branch of the service!