Readjustment Problems is the politically correct term for the list of shit you ran into after returning home from deployment.

Find yourself getting angry a lot?
Periods of depression, not wanting to do anything?
Driving problems, tickets?
Drinking too much?
Cant find a job that means anything?
Trouble concentrating in school or in training?
Thoughts that thinks were a lot simpler back at the FOC?
Struggling with money, bills, etc?
Family doesn’t understand you?

Got some of these, we are sure you got a few more! It may not help to know this is normal, but its been with troops from the beginning of war. You spent years of training to do what 99% of Americans will never face. Then you get dropped in a culture, intense heat, sand, or jungle and you’re told to survive till the freedom bird is ready to take you home. So you learn to drive like a wild man/woman to avoid items on the road that shouldn’t be there. You sleep like a cat, listening if the rounds are outgoing or incoming? Crowds of people jack your adrenalin and you scan for trouble, fear, etc.

Now your home and noting makes sense. Stop in at Dryhootch and talk to other vets who have been there, done that. Who can joke about shit most” civilians” would never get. Who can share tips about what they did when they came home and struggled to find their footing.

And if you need specific help, we got vets who can work with you to get a job, help you get resources, talk about why you might be drinking a bit much.

If nothing else we got great coffee, and some brothers & sisters who will never judge where you’ve bee, what you did. And that a start!