Definition: Quick Reaction Force or (QRF) is a military unit, generally platoon-sized in the United States Military combat arms, that is capable of rapid response to developing situations.

Technology is part of everything we do today, in business, in war, and in our personal lives.

Dryhootch in Partnership with the Medical College of WI, the VA, Marqueete University, University of WI, and a team of great OIF/OEF vets have embarked on a Smart App to bring the power of peer support to the device we live with everyday.

Now veterans can be in touch with their Peer Battle Buddies to reach out for help, advise, or a conversation with those who have been there. The military teaches us to never to leave a brother or sister behind in battle. Now we pledge to never to leave a brother or sister behind on the streets.

Watch us as we bring this ground breaking app to life.

If you live near one of our dryhootch’s, consider signing up a QRF Team Member!