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Music, Art, Writing


Art, music, and writing can be used to treat and assess anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse, addictions, trauma and loss. It has the power to tap into unconscious material and gain access to emotions and experiences that are buried deep in the brain, without overwhelming the artist. It provides a pleasurable distraction in conjunction with exposure to difficult content so traumatic that the material can be processed. And it is different for every veteran and it is for everyone. One veteran find a love for music can tell his/story. Another veteran find find release and peace in drawing, painting, or writing.

We believe the way back home is truly multifaceted. That relying on a magic pill is never the whole answer.

Our veterans with a love for art, music and writing run classes or one on one session to teach another veteran a holistic method to learn how to live life after war. So stop in at at Dryhootch to check out these programs, and if you’d love to volunteer; please the door is open!