As a Veteran who has made the transition to civilian life, you know how difficult it can be—especially when dealing with issues such as depression or PTSD. We made a commitment while serving to have each other's back. Now there are veterans dealing with the readjustment of returning home. This Peer training can give you the tools to continue to serve, and help a bother or sister.



The QRF Peer Mentor Training Program is a product of the Dryhootch Partnership for Veteran Health.

Collaborating partners include: Dryhootch of America, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Marquette University, Mental Health America, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and independent community- based professionals.

The product was funded wholly by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program. This program is a component of the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Training Description

Facilitated by Dryhootch trainers, this 40 hour comprehensive course delivers a  foundation in recovery principles, intervention techniques, and ethical practice. Curriculum focuses on the use of peer- delivered services to support the recovery of fellow Veterans. Training is regularly held at Dryhootch locations as well as regionally across the country. We can also bring train to your group. 



The QRF or Quick Reaction Force program is a complete training system that can give you the tools and knowledge to help other veterans struggling with PTSD, depression, addiction, and a list of post deployment issues. The program can also qualify your organization for paid Peer programs from various government agencies. It can also help in applying for the VA Peer program.


QRF Now Certified in the State of IL

for training required before Veteran Peer Mentor test is given. When course and test are passed, veteran is certified in State of IL as a Veteran Peer Mentor. When granted, this also qualifies the veteran for employment at the VA as a Veteran Peer.