Our Programs


Peer Support

The brothers and sisters that had your back while in service are now here at Dryhootch, providing you with that same support in “the real world.”



It's normal to feel confused, depressed, alone when returning “home”. Our veterans peer, who have been in your boots, can show you how to adjust to a place you’ve been away from for awhile.



We help you sort through the wide range of services available to veterans and their family. We partner with a large range of agencies who have great programs. Ask us to hook you up.



We don’t throw a computer at you and leave you on your own. We work with you alongside our peer vet to build your resume & skill sets. And we team up to find the employer and career you desire.


Legal hELP

Unfortunately coming home can cause legal issues; both civil & criminal. Our programs with Veteran Courts and supportive lawyers can help you put the pieces back together.



You don’t have to be alone. Family peers can help you find and understand the programs you may be looking for.


We take the coffee and our vets to community events to make vets & family aware of our programs & services.



Our mobile tools are designed to get you in touch with peer support when & where you need it.



We partner with communities to get you and your family in a place called home, a place to start rebuilding.



Unfortunately, addiction is all too often a reality for those who served, have PTSD, or are a stressed family member. Dryhootch has numerous groups that can address your issues respectfully.



Dryhootch brings in actors, artists, and great music with instructions on guitar or banjo to help you loosen up, have some fun, and heal a little!



Dryhootch provides a great social space where veterans, their family, and the community can gather to share conversation, offer help, and relax over a great cup of coffee, tea, and more.