Bring a Dryhootch to your community

Those interested in creating a Dryhootch in their community can do so with the help and guidance of Dryhootch of America. Interested parties or groups may apply to become a Dryhootch and set up the same services Dryhootch provides in their own communities. Each new Dryhootch will operate independently, but fall under the supervision and control of Dryhootch of America. It is in this way that Dryhootch hopes to be a force for veterans on the local, regional, and national levels.

Picking a Team

The road to success is by picking a team who will work their asses off – period! There is no room for those looking to talk the talk without walking the walk. You know them, they like a title, talk a lot, but help you perk at cup of coffee at an event at 7am on Saturday morning; no way in hell. So go with your gut, people who have your back.

Pick Your Model

The first step in starting a Dryhootch in your community will be to apply with Dryhootch of America. Pick the option that works best for your community:

Combat Outpost

A military term for a small, forward base that is the home and operating base for a small group of soldiers. Typically, a COP operates independently but with the full assistance and support of a larger base and command structure.

Interested parties need not have a building or staff. Dryhootch Milwaukee will provide support, guidance, and necessary supplies (coffee, literature, etc.) for the COP to begin servicing veterans in their community. Meeting space for COPs will vary by demand and availability. It is the responsibility of the COP leadership to locate an appropriate location keeping with the values and convictions of Dryhootch and its mission. Therefore, Dryhootch allows the COP leadership to use its discretion for appropriate locations to meet while mandating that the meeting space remain drug and alcohol free while any Dryhootch meeting or activity is in session. Local meeting places include but are not limited to: churches, VFW or American Legion post buildings (bars must not be in operation during Dryhootch functions), and local schools or colleges that will provide meeting space.

Forward Operating Base

“A FOB, or Forward Operating Base, is a military term for a base that houses several soldiers in a forward location. FOBs, while still under the command and control of larger bases and command structures, operate with greater independence than COPs.”

Dryhootch FOBs will be meeting spaces. The space will not necessarily be owned by Dryhootch but must adhere to the drug and alcohol free environment that Dryhootch requires. FOBs will have access to all Dryhootch support network and agencies including the VA, Department of Veteran Affairs, and local agencies and support systems.

Each FOB will have at least one Dryhootch trained peer mentor. This individual will be responsible for running the peer to peer support groups along with communicating the needs and progress of the FOB to Dryhootch staff. FOBs will also be required to sign a contract before starting groups, fundraising, or expanding.

So gather your team, and contact us re bringing a Dryhootch to your community. A trip up to one of our operating locations is always suggested, hey, the coffee’s on us!

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